Exploring 5 Different Types of Men’s Footwear in KSA

The Best Monk Strap Shoes Brands For Men: 2023 Edition

Men have a preference for simplicity, especially when it comes to their wardrobe. They opt for straightforward choices like gym shorts and shoes for the gym, swim trunks and sandals for the beach. Any other footwear that isn’t a sneaker or sandal often falls under the broad category of “dress shoes,” right? Well, not exactly. There exists a hierarchy among the different types of men’s shoes, and not all dress shoes are equal. But don’t worry just yet.

Welcome to the Men’s Shoe Guide: Discovering the Differences between Oxford and Derby, Lace-ups and Slip-ons, and Other Dress Shoe Varieties. This comprehensive write-up aims to assist you in effortlessly exploring the realm of men’s footwear.

1- Monk Strap

The Monk Strap style distinguishes itself by utilizing a strap and buckle system instead of traditional laces to secure the foot. When two buckles are present, it becomes a Double Monk, adding an extra touch of sophistication to your footwear. Mastering this style is easier than it seems, and it adds a distinctive flair to your overall look. You can buy any type of shoes within your budget through this Namshi deals.

2- Boat Shoe

Completing our guide to men’s shoes is the boat shoe, intended to be worn specifically on a boat. It’s important to recognize that boat shoes serve a practical purpose beyond just being a fashionable footwear choice. These shoes are designed with anti-slip rubber soles, ensuring stability while navigating wet decks or enjoying festivities. Typically, boat shoes (also known as deck shoes) are available in the Derby or Blucher style, resembling loafers, with leather shoelaces that tie over the tongue of the shoe.

3- Desert Boots

Desert Boots fall under the category of Chukka Boots, but not all Chukka Boots are Desert Boots. It may sound perplexing, so let’s clarify. Desert Boots earned their name from the light brown suede ankle boots worn by British soldiers during the WWII desert campaign. While Desert Boots and Chukkas share a similar style, the key distinction lies in their sole construction. Desert Boots feature a rubber sole, whereas Chukkas typically have a leather sole. Now that have cleared that up, the difference should be crystal clear.

4- Brogue Shoes

Brogue shoes comprise a range of styles including Oxford, Blucher, and Loafer, which are distinguished by their perforated design along the leather edges that overlap the vamp. Essentially, Brogue establishes a distinct category of men’s dress shoes known for these characteristic punched holes. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that there exist different types of Brogues, each deserving additional recognition. Brace yourself for an exploration within an exploration as we delve into various types of dress shoes, akin to the concept of Inception. Now, let’s delve into the three most sought-after variations of Brogue shoes:

5- Loafer

Drawing inspiration from Native American mocassins, the Loafer is recognized by its slip-on design and broad heel. Similar to Oxfords, Loafers come in various lace-less styles like tassel, penny loafer, and monk strap. In the realm of men’s shoes, Loafers are typically regarded as the most casual option, perfect for a night of dancing when paired with jeans or even suitable for a suit. However, it’s worth noting that loafers are not the ideal choice for formal occasions.