Simi Garewal In Chalte Chalte (1976)

Fashion MovieFashion and film have an inalienable relationship. Science fiction movie is one form of movies that each one the characters within the film are dressing give up avant-garde. Science fiction motion pictures completely different from other movies are extra unrealistic, they are the outcome from people’s fantasy and vision of the future. In order to create a background that suit viewers’s fantasy, the costumes within the Sci-Fi movie should be dramatic, futuristic and imaginative. In addition, some of these costume are also combine with technologies resembling LED lights and luminous fabrics. Some of the fashion Sci-Fi motion pictures are The Fifth Element, The Hunger Games, Blade Runner and The Matrix. The outfits or the weather that the characters are carrying are becoming the fashion flag as soon as the movies on the display.

By 1945, Joan Crawford was thought of a has-been. But this rags to riches classic earned her an Oscar …

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